Editable`s Playground

Welcome to Editable! Editable is an extensible rich text editing framework that focuses on stability, controllability, and performance.

Currently, it is still in beta version and the API may undergo significant changes, so related documents are not yet complete.
Here's what you can do with the note editor:

H1 Heading

H2 Heading

H3 Heading

You can write in bold, write in italics, write in underline, and strikethrough

Structure your points in bullets
And more bullets
And some sub-bullets

Sometimes a checkbox is better
So that things can be checked off when complete

And block quotes are handy for making references

Use code for writing technical documents
Create links to
Insert images by copy-pasting from clipboard or drag-dropping them:

this is a table

Press @ to at-mention teammates or collaborators
Press ⌘/ (or Ctrl/) to see keyboard shortcuts or markdown syntax